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William W. Creighton Youth services will be participating in NAOSH Week from May 6-13, 2018. Prices and contests are available

The Joint Health and Safety Committee provides appropriate and effective support to allow the agency to achieve its core objectives. As an essential mission, we are dedicated to maintaining safe and sanitary environments for our clients, residents, employees and visitors. By setting and enforcing standards, providing training and education, and encouraging continual improvement in Occupational Health and Safety, we intend to meet and surpass expectations.

Creighton’s Board of Directors would like to formally celebrate and thank all the members of CUPE Local 3367, OPSEU Local 702, Management, and Youth, who on a daily basis work towards a positive health and safety culture across our agency. We are also pleased to acknowledge the leadership of Creighton’s Joint Health and Safety Committee and their role in our Health and Safety Program.

Earlier this year, as a provision of Creighton’s participation in the Northern Safety Group, we were selected for a validation audit, which took place August 2017. Some of the highlights of the final outcome are as follows:

“Creighton successfully implemented the five steps to managing health and safety for the Safety Group Elements in 2016”

“Creighton fully maintained the 20 previous Safety Group Elements”

“Results show Creighton is working to implement many positive health and safety initiatives”

The final audit result was a remarkably high mark of 85%. Way to go! Thank you for continuing to provide excellence this (as in all other) service areas. Well done everyone.