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Worker Wellness
About Health & Safety Worker Wellness


William W. Creighton Youth Services recognizes that employees are our most valuable asset and as such is committed to ensuring the well being of all employees.


To support employees in optimizing their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well being through structured activities and reference materials. This will include opportunities to participate in yoga classes with the youth, walking groups and the Employee Assistance Program. A book exchange program operates and Information will be made available to employees about smoking cessation and healthy eating. Healthy eating is encouraged as part of the Agency policy. Multi Faith Information Manuals are also available in Agency programs and staff are encouraged to participate in spiritual events with the youth.


This will apply to all employees of William W. Creighton Youth Services. The key stakeholders are C.U.P.E 3367, O.P.S.E.U., Employee Assistance Program, S.I.S. Benefit Program and Management Employees. The Worker Well Being Standard is located in all Agency programs.

Roles and Responsibilities

J.H.S.C. appoints Worker Wellbeing Sub Committee J.H.S.C . will review and ratify the standards developed. Sub Committee to develop standards for employee health and well being through the agency. Managers, Supervisors and J.H.S.C. representatives in each program are responsible to ensure all information is posted on the Health & Safety bulletin boards, and that employees are aware of all the information available with respect to Worker Well Being.


J.H.S.C. will oversee the standard by appointing Managers, supervisors and J.H.S.C reps in each program to be responsible for implementing this standard. Worker wellbeing will be discussed at all staff meetings and as part of the daily Health & Safety Planning meetings in each program. Input of all employees is actively encouraged. Any suggestions may be made to your program representative of the J.H.S.C. or your Manager or Supervisor.


Information with regard to worker wellbeing will be communicated by using the following mechanisms:

  • J.H.S.C. Bulletin Boards
  • Communication Log
  • Ongoing staff meetings
  • Daily Health and Safety Planning meetings

Training and Implementation

Worker Well Being will be addressed as part of the daily Health & Safety Planning Meetings across the Agency. Training will occur at all staff meetings and morning meetings.


The Worker Well Being Program will be evaluated annually using the Worker Well Being Evaluation Form. The Evaluation Forms will be reviewed by the sub committee of the J.H.S.C. and findings submitted to the J.H.S.C. for  discussion. J.H.S.C. will forward any recommendations to the Executive Director.

Acknowledge Successes / Make Improvements

Success of the program and any necessary changes to improve the program will be based on the staff evaluation forms and will be announced annually during National Health and Safety week.


Worker Well Being Evaluation Form

Reference Materials

  • E.A.P Pamphlets
  • S.I.S. Pamphlets
  • Health and Safety Manual
  • Healthy Eating Policy
  • Thunder Bay District Health Unit Wellness at Work Web Site
  • Multi Faith Information Handbook
  • Smoking Cessation Web Sites