William W. Creighton Youth Services

Inspiring youth to nurture healthy communities

Mission and Vision
About Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

“Creighton delivers services that focus on Caring for Youth and Community”

Mission Principles

In pursuit of this mission, we provide leadership in three areas:

1. Service
Service to youth-at-risk and their families, to promote safe healthy participation in the community.

2. Community Involvement
Active partnerships within the community to embrace restorative justice.

3. Teaching
Sharing knowledge and experience locally and outside our own community to enhance service and empower youth.

Vision Statement

“Inspiring youth to nurture healthy communities”

Values Statement

All actions by Board members, management, and staff at William W. Creighton Youth Services are guided by shared values rooted in the Seven Grandfather Teachings . Acknowledging the origins of these teachings in an indigenous worldview, their universality provides a foundation for Creighton’s values.

Love to promote kinship and self-worth through devotion, admiration, and kindness

Respect to show regard for all people and things through courteous consideration and appreciation.

Bravery to face challenges, difficulties, and obstacles with courage and integrity.

Honesty to be trustworthy, truthful and straightforward

Humility to use a balance of equality with others and to accept oneself as a part of creation.

Wisdom to cherish knowledge and to use good sense and use of the wisdom of elders.

Truth to faithfully apply these teachings through sincerity of actions and words

Integrated throughout the teachings are three other values that guide decisions and actions at Creighton:

Accountability to be willing to accept ownership for one’s deeds and words

Responsibility to act dutifully and reliably

Empowerment to encourage strength and ability in others