William W. Creighton Youth Services

Empowering People. Inspiring Communities.

Mission and Vision
About Mission and Vision


To provide inclusive, culturally relevant pathways that strengthen relationships between youth and their communities


Empowering People. Inspiring Communities

Guiding Principles

We are guided by shared values rooted in the Seven Grandfather Teachings. Acknowledging the origins of these teachings in an indigenous worldview, their universality provides a foundation for Creighton’s values

Our Values

Love: to promote kinship and self-worth through devotion, admiration, and kindness

Respect: to show regard for all people and things through courteous consideration and appreciation

Bravery: to face challenges, difficulties, and obstacles with courage and integrity

Honesty: to be trustworthy, truthful and straightforward

Humility: to use a balance of equality with others and to accept oneself as a part of creation

Wisdom: to cherish knowledge and to use good sense and use wisdom of elders

Truth: to faithfully apply these teachings through sincerity of actions and words

Integrated throughout the teachings are three other values that guide decisions and action at Creighton…

Accountability: to be willing to accept ownership for one’s deeds and words

Responsibility: to act dutifully and reliably

Empowerment: to recognize and support strength and ability in others