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Creighton Youth Centre is an 9 bed male detention/custody facility for youth between the ages of 12 to 17 years.

Custody and Detention Facility

Creighton Youth Centre is a trauma informed custody facility located in the City of Kenora. Detention youth can live here safely and securely until the disposition of his/her case in the courts, when alternative community placements have been exhausted. At court, youth may be sentenced to Open Custody, which may be served at Creighton Youth Centre. The facility is designed with a physical environment that provides protection for the community regarding any youth who are deemed to require open detention. It also provides a safe environment that promotes rehabilitation and reintegration opportunities for youth and promotes pathways to resiliency and recovery.

Creighton Youth Centre

The facility has a capacity of 9 youth at any one time and has a catchment area of approximately 60,000 square miles. Youth may range in age from 12 to 17 years as per the YCJA. It is 100% funded by the Province of Ontario and operates on a contract which is negotiated yearly with the Ministry of Children, Community & Social Services. Creighton Youth Centre is operated by William W. Creighton Youth Services. The Centre consists of 2 living units. The facility and property also contains two classrooms operated by the Keewatin-Patricia School Board, a multipurpose room, dining area and commercial kitchen facilities, administration, and outdoor recreation areas.


Creighton Youth Centre operates a service for youth who are in a state of crisis and as such, our primary concern is their well-being. Creighton Youth Centre provides a safe, supportive environment where youth can recoup their energies to deal with their life situations. Security is a priority, but it is done as unobtrusively as possible. The facility is supervised by trained workers, 24 hours a day. Involvement with the family and the community are encouraged and arranged as much as possible and each youth is assigned a prime worker to act as their advocate. Our staff aware that individuals can be further traumatized when their psychological trauma has not been addressed. Staff are trained in, and sensitive to, the impact of words, behaviours and appearance and the physical environment of the facility as a whole and strive to achieve an individual’s comfort and safety. CYC staff use a universal precaution approach with all youth so that they can be ready to recognize and support those youth who do have trauma exposure.

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