William W. Creighton Youth Services

Empowering People. Inspiring Communities.


William W. Creighton Youth Services is mandated to provide Young Offender Services under the Child and Family Services Act (Ontario) and the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA). The target population is youth whose offence is committed between 12 and 18 years of age. The programs and service offered at Creighton Youth Services are designed to address youth needs that are directly linked to continued criminal behaviour. Youth are supported and challenged to assume responsibility for personal behaviour and to bring about change in thinking patterns that may lead to further criminal involvement.

Our focus is on restorative justice (“Caring for Community”) and effective rehabilitation (“Caring for Kids”) and our residential programs feature:

  • Use of a cognitive-behavioural approach
  • Therapeutic relationship building that is open, enthusiastic and respectful
  • Promotion of personal accountability
  • Provision of advocacy
  • On-site educational classrooms
  • Native healing with community elders

The Community Support Team provide social work services and deliver programs, such as:

  • Alternatives to Custody
  • Adolescent Sexual Offender Program
  • Community Integration of Youth from Custody
  • Family and Youth Counselling
  • Anger Management Program