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Health & Safety Policy Statement
About Health & Safety Health & Safety Policy Statement


The William W. Creighton Youth Services is dedicated to maintaining a safe and sanitary working environment. By setting and enforcing standards, providing training and education and encouraging continual improvement in occupational health and safety, we intend to meet and surpass expectations. This policy has been developed and approved by the Joint Occupational Health & Safety committee.


This policy will ensure a commitment to a healthy and safe workplace environment for employees, clients and visitors.

Standards & Procedures

The William W. Creighton Youth Services is committed to preventing occupational injuries and illness. Management, CUPE Local 3367 and OPSEU Local 702 have jointly developed the Health & Safety policies and procedures for the William W. Creighton Youth Services.

In fulfilling this commitment, we will provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment indicated by acceptable industry practices and compliance with legislative requirements. We will strive to eliminate any foreseeable hazards which may result in any personal or agency losses.

Any time loss due to accident/injury will be controlled through good management in combination with active employee involvement.  Loss prevention is the direct responsibility of all managers and employees alike.

Roles & Responsibilities

All management (including senior management, middle management and supervisor) functions comply with the William W. Creighton Youth Services Health & Safety requirements.

William W. Creighton Youth Services will make every reasonable effort to provide suitable return to work opportunities for every employee who is unable to perform his or her regular duties following an injury or illness.

All supervisors/ have the responsibility to ensure that safe and healthy work conditions are maintained in his/her assigned work area, which includes clients, visitors and contractors.

All employees will perform their jobs safely in accordance with legislative requirements and the William W. Creighton Youth Services Health & Safety policies.


All training will be documented, signed and incorporated in all employees personal file. Training will be done through orientation and then annually by all employees. Communication of training will be done through a variety of methods; though will always require proper documentation.


The Joint Health & Safety Committee (JHSC) will review and evaluate the Health & Safety Policy Statement annually and provide recommendations to continually improve in H&S.

The JHSC will also review all correspondence forwarded to the JHSC in order to cultivate the most effective and efficient way to implement, promote, and govern H & S efforts.

Celebrating Successes

Each year, the JHSC will celebrate successes during NAOSH by posting information and distributing contests to all employees in all programs.  Prizes will be determined by the JHSC. Draws will be made for these prizes by the JHSC and a memo distributed in all programs announcing the winners.

Approved by Sheri Norlen, Executive Director